Sunday, April 4, 2010

oh my dahlink !

Still on the subject of bulbs, I came across these dahlias out the front of a small fruit & veg store in Kirrabilli last week. This is one of my favourite ways to purchase cut flowers - straight from the markets & almost always cheap as chips, you can buy an armful without breaking the bank. There is something so very decadent about a massive bouquet that you've bought yourself. Only gathering up a bunch fresh from your own garden is more satisfying and Magic Garden has certainly provided quite the bounty since we moved in. Early on, I collected up the most gorgeous posy of peonies* for friends with a new baby and throughout the summer, roses have been a constant presence in the house. But alas dahlias haven't just popped up in some sun drenched corner & seeing the above made me think of all the flowers I'd like to have at my disposal. Hydrangeas are another, more gardenias, vibrant sedums & butterfly plants. Ah well, if wishes were horses...the embargo continues.

For more infomation on all types of bulbs, check out:

*note to self: please research peony care pronto.